Our brands

Brands aimed at Retail and Food service sectors

From professional to professional, a close and customized service

We are together with our customer in every stage, a service from beginning to end meeting our customers’ expectations. Everything by professional food service solutions ensuring the best food preservation and the fulfilment of every health regulations, with convenient products to improve people’s daily shopping in shops and helping to improve visibility and order in points of sale.

By means of all these things, we help stores and professionals to develop their businesses and to improve themselves with unique, innovative and sustainable solutions.

Our international brands

Araven has established itself as a benchmark brand in food safety in the catering sector through continuous innovation. We develop work tools that are easy and comfortable to use, versatile and with all the guarantees in terms of food hygiene, which help to comply with regulations and to carry out daily work in the kitchen

Shop and Roll

Shopping carriage and retail merchandising solutions boosting brands in points of sale.

By decoration, order, communication and shopping carriage we are able to help our customers to create a brand identity, increase product visibility and improve shopping experience. Signage and signalling, price communication, shelf order elements. PLV and carts and baskets

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