About us

We are an international company with more than 40 years in the market

Our Mission

To offer our clients innovative solutions in the different business lines we work on, always taking sustainability into account.

Our vision

To lead equipment in the sectors we work on, locally as well as internationally, having innovation as the essential growth pillar.

Our values

Customer service

Focused on meeting customers needs.


We feel plural. Our awareness goes beyond ourselves. We think in team, land, world.

Integrating spirit

We show transparency in all our decisions raising a sense of belonging.

Ambition for excellence

We continuously improve to give our best.


The unknown appeals to us. What moves us is to explore new possibilities and to portray tomorrow.

Our History

ARAVEN GROUP, created in 2020, is a group made up of two companies owned by GED Capital  whose merger is aimed at becoming the market leader in sustainable equipment for points of sale and foodservice.

The Group has three different business lines focused on Retail sector an Foodservice:

  • Professional solutions for Foodservice
  • Visual Merchandising, PLV and Visual Communication solutions
  • Shopping carriage products

Araven SLU, was founded in Zaragoza in 1976 by two experienced entrepreneurs in the industry of plastic moulding and commercialization. It is specialist in design, manufacturing and commercialization of a wide range of products for professional foodservice and shopping carriage products in the Retail sector.

Grupo OM Comunicación Visual S.L, created in Madrid in 1982, and has a wide knowledge as point of sale advisors. The company develops solutions for communicate and decorate points of sale helping to improve consumers’ shopping experience




First mould development.


Sales to big customers starts / modern distribution.


Own designs development.


Foodservice segment introduction.


Contenedores herméticos GastroNorm.


International area development.


ISO 9001


Decoration range with IN-MOULDING technology.


Rolling basket Shop and Roll brand.




Production in Mexico starts.


Silicon containers CDTI Acknowledgement.


Opening of USA Branch.


Lauch of Loop shopping cart.


Shop and Roll’s first monoblock and bicolour basket in the market.


Company’s 40 Anniversary.


ISO 9001:2015


New facilities in Villanueva de Gállego.


Launch of Oceanis range.
Grupo OM integration


EEUU and Mexico foodservice branches close down.


RSA 2022 Seal “Aragonese Social Responsibility” given by Aragón Regional Government.

We are in over 80 countries

With a great distribution network in international markets.

Araven S.L.U.
Pol. lnd. San Miguel C/ Río Martín nº6
50830 Villanueva de Gallego, Zaragoza (España)
Tel.: (+34) 976 46 52 00

Grupo OM Comunicación visual S.L.U.
C. Mariano Benlliure, 2, 28521 Rivas-Vaciamadrid, Madrid (España)
Tel.: (+34)914 99 09 80

Grupo OM México Comunicación Visual S.A. de C.V
Siporex 2, Bodega 7 y 8, Col. Industrial Alce Blanco
Naucalpan de Juárez, Estado de México (México)
CP. 53370. Tlf. 5552079116 | Tlf. 5552070279

People at Araven

Dreaming of going even beyond is only possible thanks to our people: over 200 employees all over the world.

Araven Group has a unique, professional, dynamic, innovative, multidisciplinar, international staff, with a deep sense of belonging and a verified expertise in the shopping equipment and food service sectors.

Our model

  • Design
  • Manufacturing
  • Distribution
  • Implementation

Quality policy

ARAVEN S.L.U y GRUPO OM S.L.U have the mission of providing our customers with innovative solutions in the different business lines we work on, always bearing sustainability in mind.

Our strategy is based on our Quality Policy, which has as its main aim the one enabling us to meet our vision, the achievement of our customers’ expectations and the search for solutions for all our organisation’s stakeholders.

To manage so, we focus on the analysis of the context and of the parties’ needs, that help us to set our yearly objectives.

We are focused on processes and continuous improvement, which allows us to increase the efficiency of our Management System and the quality of our products and services, setting the required controls from the beginning as well as along the process itself and to its end. We set and check objectives for every area, having this policy as a reference point, setting responsibilities, establishing policies and assigning the required resources in order to achieve them.

We are aware of the importance of customers’ opinions and we specifically commit to identify, understand and meet customers’ requirements and the applicable legal ones. Identifying and considering risks and oportunities which may affect the approval of products and services and the ability to rise and keep our focus on customers’ satisfaction.

Environmental policy

At ARAVEN S.L.U. y GRUPO OM S.L.U., companies devoted to the development, manufacturing and commercialization of products for food preservation and handling in food service and food service and of products of shopping equiment and for visual communication and in-store merchandising, we are aware of the importance of having a sustainable development minimising environmental impact associated to our activity.

Within this frame, all the members of the organisation are involved and our basic principles are:

  • Fulfilling the established requirements in every work we do, included the legal and regulatory ones, coordinating them with the ones of our customers and suppliers.
  • Commiting to prevent pollution and environmental impact, managing appropriately the environmental aspects derived from our processes and activities.

Minimising consumptions in processes,  generation of emissions and waste for its management and recycling.

Promoting our environmental commitment to our suppliers to involve them.

  • Improving continuously the development of our activities for lower environmental impact.
  • Integrating environmental management in our daily operations, ensuring that environmental issues are addressed, while our customers are provided with quality products and services.

Proactively involving all the staff in the meeting of the points mentioned above and in the management of our activities’ environmental value raising awareness on good environmental and social practices.



Seals and Certifications

General Policies