and sustainability

Innovation as a driver of growth

By means of research and a continuous effort, we develop initiatives turning our products into new products and unique solutions in the different business lines we work in.

A strong innovation process starting with a deep knowledge of the channels we work in. With the assistance of collaborators, designers and technological and market research we create ideas, which combined with high creativity and our technical resources, have as a result products with a high added and differentiating value.

Where design and functionality meet

When working on new solutions we always try to go beyond what already exists. They proposals which not only give a differential design, but also improve funcionality of already existing solutions and manage to revolutionise and dynamise the market.

Teams power

Araven Group’s Marketing and Product Development teams are made up of six product design engineers and six marketing professionals continuously interacting. Besides, we have an external collaborators ecosystem who provide us with all the technical knowledge our products require in order to meet all the market requirements. Thanks to this, we succeed in creating new solutions ending up turning into revolutionary and amazing products.


Best Awards

We are in over 80 countries

With a great distribution network in international markets.

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Araven Group’s Sustainability policy

Raison d´être

Integrating sustainability in ARAVEN GROUP. Our commitment and responsibility for the present and the future.

Scientists, scholars, leaders and influential people from all over the world reaffirm this message every day and urge us to act as a society as soon as possible. The planet is not capable of giving us everything we ask of it, and every year we incur a greater debt with nature, exhausting its resources as if they were infinite.

In ARAVEN GROUP we act with the necessary responsibility and commitment and we affirm categorically that:



Our support: Cocreation as the main role

First and most important: ALL TOGETHER. Working together we will be able to build up a more sustainable future and we are sure that this support will work because this change will get the company closer to society and workers.

This is a huge challenge for businesses like us and involves remarkable changes in our believes, habits and business behaviours. It requires our sensitivity and we must understand that as a Community and as a Company, we have an INDIVIDUAL AND GROUP DUTY.

That’s why at ARAVEN GROUP we also understand that change and adaptation need time and a STRATEGIC PLAN to be dealt with.


Integral sustainability

The term sustainability has usually been adapted only on the idea of biodiversity and planet protection. However, at ARAVEN GROUP we are fully aware that it has also to go with social and economic development approaches.

Companies nowadays must face the challenge thinking of current and future welfare, from policies ensuring workers’ rights to strategies allowing company and its collaboration’s economic continuity.

So, without the addition of the three core ideas, social, economic and environmental, we will not be able to go forward. We cannot think of a better way than embracing the 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals.


Our aims are aligned twith the sustainable development goal

ARAVEN GROUP has chosen as strategic SGD those on which we can best influence and  improve the most, having chosen these ones an no others as they have been defined by our staff, customers and suppliers and all our stakeholders.

Our policy

Gender equality

We think there must be a balance. We struggle to reduce the labour and social gap between men and women by means of fair equality policies, through staff awareness and training and taking part in local or international social activities making it easy.

Decent work and economic work

Flexitime, telecommuting, adjustment of working days to workers’ necessities to ease work-life balance are examples or our workers support. Our human is the company’s driver and protecting it is an essential duty to the company to ensure its socio-environmental commitments and its economic growth.

Industry, innovation and infrastructure

Innovation is one the values of our company and a difference-making element. Of our teams as well as of our products. An innovation which is going through a ‘metamorphosis’ to sustainability, integrating ecodesign in our methodologies and implementing circular economy criterio in the development of new products.

Responsible consumption and production

Our logistics and production generate waste directly and indirectly and we must minimise them. We separate our office waste as well as industrial waste, always aiming at reusing rather than eliminating or selling it. In terms of consumption, we work to optimise the use of energy and resources and to acquire them in accordance with sustainability criterio. We demand the same to our providers and collaborators, and in the market, we search for responsible alliances and business models with our customers

Climate action

We introduce respectful materials in all our businesses products to reduce our environmental impacts and we cooperate with environmental support programs such as PLASTIC CHANGE, aiming at compensating for those environmental damage we are not able to prevent due to our business activity.

Work methodology

We have named our system Sustainability Loop, making a double nod to circular economy and to one of our flagship products. We make a 360o turn to our products, businesses and management systems and the key to improve them is repeatibility and cross-analysis of all of them.


This method is an adaptation of the PDCA continuous improvement model or Deming’s circle applied to sustainability where, in an iterative way, we aim at:

  • Knowing our starting point to improve our weaknesses and anticipate to future threats.
  • Setting to-do actions and projects as well as facing the most important ones together with our stakeholders.
  • Raising all staff and stakeholders’ awareness of the gained improvements.
  • Learning from the developed and one-through process to suit to sustainable concepts in our daily activity.